1984 – the prologue

Despite some reservations, I’ve decided to keep going with this blog and its theme of remembering 1980s pop music via the BBC4 repeats of TOTP. Having scrutinised, dissected and generally picked the bones out of 1983, we arrive in 1984 which could be argued was a pioneering and important year for pop. Why? Well, for one it was the year that pop developed a conscience. Secondly, it ushered in the rise of a new pop icon who would go onto dominate the decade and beyond. And lastly, the UK would see a band bestride the charts the like of which we had not seen since The Beatles.

And for me personally it was a year of firsts – my first ever live gig, the first time I witnessed my football team actually win something and, finally, the first time I had a date with a girl.

All of this and much, much more is to come. Want to tag along?











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